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The Hans Eder Era

Posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Check out this great Facebook group for all those that enjoyed rippin' up the Valley back in the day!

This is a reunion/nostalgia group for anyone for whom the old Hans Eder owned and operated ski hill was your "happy-place" back in the day. This may be a group for you if you used to debate if it was better to stick with the time tested t-bar or the "new" 2 seater chairlift. You may have started with lace ups and cable bindings that you bought at the annual thanksgiving day swap! Maybe you remember the "members hills" or snow cats the size of a house. Perhaps you tried to ski through the lake that always formed in the spring at the base of the moguls. Maybe you forgot your hand made membership badge and had to take the fearsome walk up to Mrs Eders cash register, to beg mercy and a day pass, while she looked down at you with her stylish but intimidating cigarette holder in one hand. If you have some old school pictures of memories post them here...If you have some facebook friends that need to be in here sign them up!

Help them out and upload any of those old photos if you have them!