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Posted: Monday, January 09, 2012

For those with questions on our current WagJag we'll try and answer some of the most common questions.

  • Can this WagJag be used for snowboard rental?

No it can not be used for snowboard rental, this is for ski rental only, and there are no upgrades allowed, you would need to pay full rate for a snowboard rental

  • Can this WagJag be used on the weekend?

This WagJag can only be used Monday to Friday.  Weekends are prime time and no WagJag will be permitted on the weekends.

  • Is there any additional charges?

Yes, you will be charged the value of the HST ($3.77)when you arrive to redeem the voucher.  This is clearly stated on the coucher itself.

  • Can anyone aged person use this WagJag?

Yes, we do not restict the age of people that use this voucher, however for those under the age of 6, it is not a good value to use the WagJag.

  • Can you provide a refund?

All refunds are your responsiblity to take up with WagJag, we do not issue refunds as we do not collect the payment.