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Ski Snow Valley

Snow Valley Key Management & Staff

Snow Valley personnel are listed below with phone extensions and email address listed at the bottom of each person's contact information. Contact us by phone toll-free at 1 (877) 404-4744 or locally at (705) 721-7669. Feel free to use our general email contact form.

John BallJohn Ball

General Manager
Responsible for policy, training, risk management

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 222
Em: john_ball AT

Jonathan PalmerJonathan Palmer

Marketing Director

Responsible for marketing & advertising, information technology, risk management.

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 246
Em: jonathan_palmer AT

Peter HanneyPeter Hanney

Assistant General Manager

Responsible for food & beverage, promotions, housekeeping

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 234
Em: peter_hanney AT

Jason BrownJason Brown

Outdoor Operation Manager

Responsible for lifts, snowmaking, grooming, maintenance, security

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 240
Em: jason_brown AT

Pamela DiseraPamela Disera

Snow School Director

Responsible for ski, snowboard & race programs.

Ph: 1.877.404.4744ext 241
Em: pamela_disera AT

Ryan LeblancRyan Leblanc

Tube Park Manager

Responsible for snowtube park, snowshoeing, risk management

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 270
Em: ryan_leblanc AT

Selena GriffinSelena Griffin

Ticketing, Rental & Retail Manager

Responsible for ticketing, rental & retail guest services

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 228
Em: selena_griffin AT

Jeremy EvansJeremy Evans

Lifts Manager

Responsible for lift operations, security & risk management

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 240
Em: jeremy_evans AT

Cindy SmyeCindy Smye


Responsible for accounting, payroll & human resources

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 235
Em: cindy_smye AT

Wendy DolsonWendy Dolson

Information Services & Health Safety Rep

Responsible for program & season pass processing, donations, guest relations, health & safety

Ph: 1.877.404.4744 ext 224
Em: wendy_dolson AT