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Ski Snow Valley

Attention Grade 4 & 5'ers

Want To Ski &Snowboard This Winter? Snow Valley is proud to be partnering with The Canadian Ski Council’s Snow Pass -EN---Blue _400SnowPass™ Program. The SnowPass allows each child in Grade 4 or 5 to ski 3 times at Snow Valley FREE. Plus ski and snowboard three times at EACH participating ski area for just $29.95. That’s a lot of skiing and snowboarding right across Canada!

What You Need To Know

To join in, you need to be in grade 4 or 5 (or 9 or 10 years old) and live in Canada. Every skier and snowboarder is welcome, especially if you’re a beginner. You only need to apply once for the SnowPass™ and the pass is valid until the end of grade 5. This means if you apply in grade 4 the pass is valid for two years.

How To Apply

Online Application:This option allows you to upload the SnowPass holder’s photo, proof of age and make a payment, all from the secure online application. This option is the best if you are looking to save time!

Printed Online Application: This process allows you to enter your child’s information online and print it off to send via mail. Please use this process if you’re unable to upload your child’s picture, proof of age/grade and make the payment online. Apply Now!

Brochure Application: Brochures including an application form are available in most schools across Canada. Your child’s Grade 4 or 5 teacher may have handed out applications at school so please ask your child’s teacher or school office for a copy. If they do not have any, please have them contact the Canadian Ski Council for more information. You can also download a PDF version of the brochure by clicking here