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8 Winter Weekend Programs Begin this Weekend

This weekend Saturday January 5th & Sunday January 6th, is the start of our 8 Winter Weekend Programs and our Snow School Director Pamela  has a few hints and tips she is passing on so everyone can have safe, fun and enjoyable weekend!

  • prepare everything the night before - equipment,clothing,lift/lesson tags and a snack 
  • best to pack everything in a bag or a laundry basket, easy to carry
  • pack extra socks,neck warmers and gloves
  • eat a healthy breakfast
  • leave a bit earlier so you don't have to rush on the roads
  • washroom break before heading to the lessons
  • pack a snack for the way home or enjoy a delicious treat from our kitchen
  • layer,layer,layer..the key to keeping warm on those cold days

The slopes are in great shape & we look forward to meeting all our program participants this weekend!

We will have all kinds of staff on hand this weekend to get you going in the right direction. Here are some of the important drop/pickup spots for program participants.

Kidz Village Programs (3-5 years old)

  • Cubs -enter through the gate just outside the Alpine doors ( big Red Flag at entrance )
  • Cats - enter at the bottom of the snow road by the KV Express lift. (big Green Flag at entrance)

Important: If Kidz Village participants require rentals they do so through Rentals in the Main Chalet – rental forms are not required.  

WeeShred ( 3-5 years old snowboarders )-these little shredders meet in the Program Coral in front of the Day Lodge 

Race Programs –meet hill side of the Chalet outside the Information doors by the ski racks.

8 Winter Weekends (6-14 years old) –meet in the Program coral in front of the Day Lodge.

Private Lessons - meet by the Snow School Bell under the Private Lesson Flag (it’s the one closes to the deck stairs)

 We look forward to seeing you here this weekend!

Posted: Friday, January 04, 2019