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Ski Snow Valley

Create Lasting Memories - Discover Skiing

Beginner areas are more accessible than before

Our Adventure Learning Centre has 3 magic carpet-like escalators where you stand on a moving rubber mat like the ones at the airport.  With the moving carpets, as long as you can stand up, you will get back to the top of where you want to go.  This is a markedly easier than the rope towes of past!

Ski schools have evolved tremendously

The idea of standing in a long line of 15-20 people waiting your turn to wobble out your initial manoeuvres in front of an instructor isn’t the case. Learning to ski at your own pace is an important factor in learning to love the sensations of skiing. So the big lines of learners following a few barked instructions has been replaced by our station teaching. You can learn to ski at your own pace and progress through the numbered stations at your own pace. Our Discover Skiing Packages are just the answer to get you started.

The equipment is no longer medieval

Sure ski boots aren’t slippers, but they are no longer the medieval torture devices they once were. Much work has gone into ski boot design in the last 20 or 30 years. Now there are special women’s boots designed for their morphology, heat moulded boots, boot fitting, and boot fitters who guarantee comfort should you want to invest in your own ski boots 

Skis have also vastly improved or more specifically tailored to all types and tastes of skiing. A beginner will usually have a ski that is relatively short, light and soft with a fair amount of shape making it very easy to turn. Our Elan rental fleet with Groove Technology is just the ticket to get you sliding on day 1.

Skiing is for Everyone

Learning to ski is well within the grasp of most adults of any age. Despite the famous myths and often hilarious mishaps associated with learning to ski, it’s actually relatively common to not fall at all in your first lesson or even your first week of lessons. There has never been a better time to learn to ski. Find out more about all of our lesson program options or our daily private lesson or Discover Skiing Packages.

Ava hit the snow for the very first time and within a couple of hours our Pro Steve had her out of the Adventure Learning Centre and on the chairlift & making linked turns down the hill!

Posted: Sunday, February 02, 2020