Covid Operational Plans

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, having to reschedule a wedding... we can only imagine! Remember, the wedding is one day, but the marriage is forever. Wedding

We are amid a global emergency and having to reschedule your special day may be a reality. For starters we must remove the word "cancel" from our vocabulary! Let’s think of it as a rescheduling process. Though this is an undoubtedly difficult decision to make, you will get through it. It's time to plan. We have gathered some helpful tips together to help you tackle the process.

  • stop/reschedule any custom orders, these could include customer stationary, flowers, your wedding venue
  • stay flexible with dates, as wedding season gets compressed into fewer months, consider a midweek wedding, consider separate dates for the reception and ceremony, Monday weddings may become the new rage!
  • prioritize your vendors and reach out to them early, especially those that can only accommadate one event a day such as a photographer, DJ, or videographer
  • get the changes in writing/email from all your vendors
  • inform your guests, share updated details as soon as possible. You'll want to explain why your plans have changed and reassure guests that you'll share more information when you can. Find some wording ideas here.
  • Keep planning - You probably have more time at home, write your vows, play mixologist, create your playlist
  • Update your seamstress, alternation dates will need to be updated

We are all in this together and we are here to help with all of your wedding plans. If you have any questions regarding information or booking/rescheduling your perfect day, we would be happy to offer our assistance and expertise! Contact Peter Hanney at 705.721.7669 ext. 234 or email him.

Posted: Tuesday, April 21, 2020