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Ski Snow Valley

Welcoming our Multi Week Program Participants Back

We are so excited to be kicking off the start of our multi week ski & board programs this weekend! A long post but if you are a program participant please read on!

The first day of lessons is always a busy and exciting experience for both children and parents. Here are a few tips to help your day go smoothly:

❄️ We recommend gathering and packing everything your child will need and having it ready to go the night before. We do have a Boutique at Snow Valley for purchases of goggles, helmets, mitts, balaclavas
❄️If your child has their own equipment, make sure it fits and is ready to go prior to your first day! It’s a good idea to put their name on anything they will be wearing.
❄️Please allow extra travel time, time for parking, getting ready
❄️Ensure you have your child’s pass/lift ticket and program tag (these must be visible at all times). If you do NOT have your pass/lift or program tag yet, your first stop will be our Information Desk on the 2nd floor of the Main Chalet
❄️If you purchased a rental package with your program plan to arrive 1 hour prior to the lesson start time. You will show your child’s program tag to a staff member inside our Rental room on the first floor of the Main Chalet.
❄️Your vehicle will be your Chalet. We do not allow bags in any of our buildings, use your vehicle to get ready.
❄️By allowing your Child to participant in the lesson, you are affirming that your child is well and Covid symptom free. If at anytime during the lesson your child becomes unwell, you will be called for immediate removal from the lesson group.
❄️Please plan to arrive with your child dressed and ready to go with their equipment at your program Meeting Location (we will be onsite to Welcome you and direct you to where the Meeting areas are)
❄️Don’t worry about tears! Our instructors are kind, caring and trained to calm the fears of your child.

Important Request for Parents – If you do not have a valid lift ticket or Season’s Pass you are NOT to be on any of our sliding surfaces, once you drop your child off at the meeting area, you are to stand on one of our many outside decks or return to your vehicle. Please respect this request.

You will be asked to affirm your current health status.

Posted: Friday, January 07, 2022