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Ski Snow Valley

Bracebridge Fire & Ice

Event Date: Saturday, January 30, 2016
Start Time: 9:00AM
Location: Downtown Bracebridge

We are going to be taking a trip north with our Mini Tube slide and joining in on all festivities at the Bracebridge Fire & Ice Festival.

Fire and Ice 2

The Bracebridge Fire and Ice Festival is a newly formed festival in Downtown core of Bracebridge. The festival will offer a unique approach to a traditional winter carnival.  “FIRE” features will include fire artists, fireworks at 7pm, fire pits throughout Downtown.  “ICE” features will include interactive ice displays, downtown tube run, a new skating trail that is located in Memorial Park. In addition there will be “try-it-out” activities, live music, and traditional carnival activities to complement the event. This is a buttoned event – $5 per Adult and $3 Children( 6-12) Free 5 and under