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Parent and Camper Info


Our mission at Discovery Camp, Snow Valley is to create and provide an inclusive environment that supports every camper’s individual and unique needs through engaging and supportive leadership. Discovery Camp, Snow Valley will ensure each camper is given opportunities that will encourage them through play and supports their learning through guided exploration and experiences.   

Camper Code of Conduct

As a camper, I pledge that: 

  • I will care for myself, those around me and our environment 
  • I will make honesty the basis of all relationships and interactions
  • I will accept all campers and allow everyone equal opportunity to participate 
  • I will respect myself, others, and the camp environment 
  • I will be responsible for my own actions, attitudes, and behaviours 

If a camper does not follow the code of conduct, Leaders/Supervisors will take the following steps: 

Step 1: Staff will redirect the camper to more appropriate behaviour. The camper will be reminded of the code of conduct and camp rules. Staff will remove camper from activity or situation if the behaviour continues or is disruptive.

Step 2: If the inappropriate behaviour continues, staff will document the situation. This document will include what the behaviour problem is, what provoked the problem, and the correctivce action taken. Staff will notify the Camp Director of the situation. The Camp Director will discuss the situation with parents/guardians.

Step 3: If the inappropriate behaviour continues, the Camp Director may request that the camper take a short break from camp (e.g., be picked up early, take one day off). If the behaviour continues to interrupt the camp program, the camper may be required to take a longer break or may be removed from camp for the remainder of the summer. 

If a camper's behaviour at any time threatens the immediate safety of themselves, other campers or staff, the parent/guardian will be notifed and shall pick up the child immediately.

The following behaviours are not acceptable and may result in the immediate removal of a participant for the remainder of the day, week, or summer:  

  • Endangering the health and safety of campers, staff members, or volunteers 
  • Stealing or damaging Snow Valley or personal property 
  • Leaving the program without permission 
  • Continual disruption of camp programming 
  • Refusing to follow the code of conduct or camp rules 
  • Using profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity 
  • Refusing to participate in activities or cooperate with staff 
  • Physical violence or bullying/teasing toward another camper, staff member, or volunteer

In the event that a camper is removed from camp for displaying unacceptable behaviour there will be no refunds issued. 

Program Expulsion

Intentional camper behaviour that puts the camper or others at physical or emotional risk may result in immediate dismissal from the program. In addition, consumption or possession of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products and illegal or harmful substances will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

Any expenses incurred because of program dismissal will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Parents/guardians or a suitable designate must be available to pick up campers should they be dismissed from their program. Refunds will not be issued for campers removed from camp for disciplinary reasons. 

Anti-Bullying Commitment

Everyone plays a role in preventing bullying before it can take place. To prevent bullying, Discovery Camp Snow Valley provides guidelines and training for its staff, around how to appropriately identify and respond to bullying, as well as how staff can build and promote a positive camp climate.

This considers a range of elements including programming, teaching, camper relationships, staff modelling, parent/guardian engagement, and physical and emotional safety within the camp. Parents, camp counsellors, camp supervisors, and camp administration all play a unique role in the prevention of bullying, as outlined below.


Campers are encouraged to review and practice – if able – the Camper Code of Conduct and Bullying Prevention Policy with parents/guardians in preparation for camp to create an understanding of the expectations surrounding behaviour during camp. Campers are encouraged to relay thoughts and feelings to their parents/guardians or camp staff. 


Parents/guardians are encouraged to help prepare their campers for camp, taking an active role in contributing to a positive climate of inclusion and respect. We encourage parents/guardians to go over the Bullying Prevention Policy & Camper Code of Conduct with their campers, as well as discuss proactive strategies for how to ensure cooperation and inclusion between other campers. Parents/guardians are encouraged to emphasize that if their camper feels excluded, they are to let their camp counselor know right away.

Sun Safety/Inclement Weather Procedures 

Sun Safety  

All campers are asked to bring a hat/sunglass and a lightweight long-sleeved shirt to camp.

Sunscreen should be applied prior to drop off at camp, and a labelled bottle be sent to camp with the camper. Staff will reapply sunscreen with campers after water play and as needed throughout the day. Campers must come to camp with their own sunscreen*. These items cannot be shared between camp groups; therefore, siblings will not be able to share sunscreen. 

Children will receive frequent water breaks throughout the day. Snow Valley has a refill station on site - please send your camper with a reusable water bottle. 

*Discovery Camp Snow Valley will have additional sunscreen in case camper's sunscreen is forgotten and allergy forms will be reviewed before sunscreen is administered.

Inclement Weather Procedures 

During camp, if severe weather should occur, camp staff shall adjust schedules and make appropriate arrangements to ensure the comfort and safety of all participants.

In the case of hot weather, staff will modify camp activities to promote the health and safety of all campers. This will include frequent water breaks by drinking and refilling water bottles, and the adjustment of activities to shaded and cooler areas.

These precautions will allow campers to enjoy a fun and safe camp experience even during the hottest days. All staff are trained in preventing Heat Stress and are aware of the signs and symptoms and precautions to take in order to prevent heat stress.

Camps are run outside rain or shine, unless there is severe weather, so we ask campers to dress and pack appropriately. On some days, it may be necessary for campers to bring rain boots, umbrella, splash pants, change of clothes, etc. 

Medical Administration

All camp staff are First Aid and CPR certified, however, Discovery Camp Snow Valley counsellors DO NOT administer medications (unless it is an emergency such as the use of an EpiPen – please see our accompanying anaphylaxis policy). If your child needs medication throughout the day please arrange for a parent or a designate to come and do so. Also, please ensure this information is communicated clearly on the application form when enrolling your child. 

Anaphylaxis & Auto-Injectors (Epi-pens)

All campers who have an identified anaphylactic allergy and have been prescribed an epinephrine auto-injector (EAI) (ex. EPI-PEN) are required to have at least one non-expired EAI on-site each day at camp.

All allergies, including anaphylactic allergies, should be reported on the Camper’s Health & Safety Form.

The camper’s parent/guardian will also be responsible for reviewing Discovery Camp Snow Valley's Anaphylaxis Policy and completing an Anaphylactic Emergency Plan (AEP) form, available during Step 2 of the Camper Registration (emailed to you seperately). This individualized plan will outline the child's anaphylactic allergies, monitoring and avoidance strategies, signs and symptoms of allergic reaction and action to be taken by staff in the event of an allergic reaction.

The camper’s parent/guardian may be contacted for clarification and/or further questions, and both the camper’s parent/guardian and Camp Director must sign off on the final plan. 

Allergen & Nut Sensitive Environment 

While Discovery Camp Snow Valley is not an allergen/nut-free environment, every effort will be made to mitigate known allergens in camp. Discovery Camp Snow Valley is proactive in educating all families about allergies prior to and during camp. 

  • An email identifying known allergens will be sent, prior to the commencement of camp.
  • There will also be a posted list of all known allergens at the main entrance of the building.
  • We encourage all families to read labels and to only send allergen-free products to camp.
  • We have a ‘no sharing food’ policy. Mealtime is monitored closely by Staff who supervise and eat with campers during lunch and snack times

If items containing allergens arrive to camp, a staff member will ensure that the child with the allergen is situated at a designated place within the unit, away from the camper with the allergy. 

Sick Campers and Injuries

All camp staff are trained and certified in Standard First Aid and CPR.

In all cases, when a camper becomes ill at camp and/or requires medical emergency care, their parent/guardian will be notified. If they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, or another transferable/communicable illness, immediate steps will also be taken to isolate both the camper and any close contacts.

If the camper is unable to rejoin camp activities, you will be asked to pick up your camper immediately. Staff will take every effort to make your camper comfortable. For the best interests of the individual and camp, any camper who is ill will be sent home.

Should an accident occur requiring emergency transportation, the parent/guardian and/or emergency contact will be notified. Staff will accompany the camper to hospital and wait until the parent/guardian/emergency contact arrives. At no time will a camper be left alone.

Parents/guardians are to keep their camper home from camp if they are diagnosed with a transferable/communicable illness and/or exhibit any sign or symptom of a transferable/communicable illness, including but not limited to:

  • Fever (temperature of 37.8C/100F or higher)
  • New or worsening cough
  • Difficulty breathing including shortness of breath or rapid breathing
  • New smell (olfactory) or taste disorder
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Diarrhea/Abdominal Pain
  • Sore throat/Difficulty Swallowing
  • Runny Nose or Nasal Congestion, in absence of underlying reason for these symptoms such as seasonal allergies, postnasal drip, etc.
  • Undiagnosed skin rash
  • Eyes are red (conjunctivitis/pink eye) or yellow, bowel movement is grey or white, to urine is dark or tea coloured

In the event that a camper displays any of the above or other symptoms of a transferable/communicable illness during camp or within 14 days of attending camp, we ask that parents notify us immediately to allow us to respond appropriately.

Camper Health & Safety

At Discovery Camp, Snow Valley we want to ensure that we have the best and most up-to-date health and wellness information concerning your camper. Even if your camper is perfectly health, we need all health information on file, so that we can respond to any immediate need without hesitation, should an accident or emergency occur. 

As part of the camper registration package, all campers must complete a Camper and Health & Safety Form and a Camp Terms and Conditions form for registration to be completed. For your camper to have the most positive and supportive camp experience we ask that you share as much information as possible on the Camper Health & Safety Form.

Throughout camp, if there are any changes or updates to the campers Health & Safety, please notify the Camp Director ASAP via email or phone call.

Only those campers for whom we have completed health information will be permitted to attend camp. As a camp, our effort to ensure a safe and healthy environment includes health promotion, of which immunization is a key component. By doing so, we align ourselves with school boards and Health Canada. As such, we request that all campers and staff at camp have received ALL mandatory immunizations. We trust that our approach places your camper’s health and safety as a major priority for every summer!