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Ski Snow Valley

Weekly Themes

Week 1: July 4 – 8  Earth Challenge3legged -race -camp

Welcome to a week filled with “Earth, Wind and Fire”! Campers who attend Earth Challenge will engage in a weeklong exploration of the Earth and its most fascinating features. Campers will participate in activities rooted in outdoor experiences and nature-awareness as they explore life cycles, eco-systems, and the wild world of weather!

Week 2: July 11 – 15  Spy Week

Your mission should you choose to accept it, will unfold over the week of Spy Training!  Agents in Training will spend the week entangled in a super-secret mission to uncover the culprit behind the missing Discovery Camp Flag.  Along the way agents will endure skill testing challenges, escape rooms and coded messages.  Agents will be trained in disappearing ink, the art of the disguise and fingerprint analysis all while embarking on daily missions to solve the ultimate mystery!

Week 3: July 18 – 22  Around the World

Grab your passports because you’re going on an adventure! This week will take campers to five incredible destinations around the world.  First, we will create passports to travel to our worldly destinations starting in the land down under, Australia, then we’ll travel around the world and land back home in Canada!

In each country we visit we will take the time to learn and appreciate different cultures from our destinations along with art, games, local cuisine, and wildlife specific to these wonderful places!

Week 4: July 25 – 29  Expedition: Zoofari Edition 

Safari -camp

Grab your binoculars and cameras we’re going on an expedition! This week campers will be embarking on a safari to explore mysterious creatures and their unique experiences and adventures.

Take a walk on the wild side with penguins in the Arctic, cheetahs on the plains of Africa and the illustrious moose of North America.  Activities will include identifying prints and tracking species, creating habitats, and adventuring to some local animal habitats located on Snow Valley Property.

Expedition: Zoofari is an in-depth experience in animal welfare education and animal conservation aimed to provide education through fun and immersive activities.

Week 5: August 2 – 5 (4 Day Week)  Silly Science

Get your lab coats ready for a stem-sational week of science and experimentation!  Mind-bending puzzles, wacky experiments and engineering marvels are waiting for campers this week.

Elephant toothpaste, volcanoes, ships made from tinfoil and bridges made from toothpicks that are strong enough to stand on!  Get ready for a week filled with silly science experiments and discoveries that are sure to blow your mind!

Week 6: August 8 – 12  High SeasPirate -camp

3,2,1 Splash Off!  Dive into a wet ’n wild week of fun with water!

Set your sails, we’re diving deep into the mysteries of the ocean with a week filled with water play, deep sea discovery and even a run in with some pirates! BEWARE... Discover the wonders of the waters of the world and all its inhabitants through art, play and adventure maybe even a treasure map or two!

Week 7: August 15 – 19  Classic Camp: Retro Week

Welcome to the good ol’ days!   We’re jumping in a time machine to experience your parents’ summer day camp!  Ask them all about it : tie-dye, friendship bracelets, camp colours and cheers. This week we’re bringing it all the way back with the classics like capture the flag, dodge ball, 3-legged race and more. Get ready for this outrageous week of retro fun!

Week 8: August 22 – 26  Olympics

Campers put on your game faces this week we are going for GOLD! Campers will participate in skill testing challenges during Olympic week alongside their teammates. Pool noodle javelin, human ring toss and a goofy rendition of lawn bowling. We’ll all win as we play some wacky and zany versions of classic Olympic sport and games.  Get ready for a week full of team spirit and teamwork!  Alongside friends we’ll achieve a podium finish!