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Ski Snow Valley

Weekly Themes

Week 1: July 3 – 7  Around the World3legged -race -camp

Pack your bags because you’re going on a ‘round the world adventure! This week campers will be continent hopping to incredible places around the world. First, we will create passports to travel to our worldly destinations and then away we go! In each country we visit we will take the time to learn and appreciate different cultures through art, games, sport, and wildlife specific to these wonderful places!

Week 2: July 10 – 14  Journey to Space

From Around the World to Out of this World! In Week 2, Discovery Camp is taking off for intergalactic fun in outer space! This week our campers become astronauts as we take flight in our rocket ship to discover far away planets and solar systems. What’s on the dark side of the moon? Are aliens REAL? What’s up with Space gas? Let’s find out together as we take a trip through the galaxy to explore all the wonders of SPACE

Week 3: July 17 – 21  Under the Sea

Splish splash let’s dive into the deep blue sea! This week campers will be exploring the wonders of the underwater world. We will fill our days with water play, under the sea art, whales, sharks, and jellyfish – oh my! What mysterious marine life will we discover this week? Take a deep breath and dive in -get ready for a wet and wild week!

Week 4: July 24 – 28 Silly Science 

Safari -camp

Get your lab coats ready for a stem-sational week of science and experimentation! Mind-bending puzzles, wacky experiments and engineering marvels are waiting for campers this week. It’s sure to be mad and messy so get ready for a week filled with silly science experiments and discoveries that are sure to blow your mind!

Week 5: July 31 - August 5 Dino Discovery

You may have heard, here at Discovery Camp Snow Valley we have our very own resident T-REX, he even popped out for a brief visit during our Zoofari week last year! This year Disco the Dino has requested a full week where the focus is him, so here we go!
Campers, grab your shovels and brushes we’re exploring the prehistoric world of Dinosaurs. From hatching our own eggs, digging up fossils, to tracking Disco through the trails we may even come across a few of Disco’s friends along the way! Join us for a week full of discovery as we stomp through the lands before time!

Week 6: August 8- 11 (4-Day Week)  Wild Wild WestWild West Camp

Howdy partners! This week campers are going to have four days filled with frontier fun! Campers will explore the foothills near our base camp, pan for gold and have a rollicking good time in a rodeo relay. After this awesome week we’ll all be yellin’ yeehaw! Giddy Up Discovery Camp, let’s go west!

Week 7: August 14 – 18  Wildlife Expedition

Bugs, Birds, Mammals galore! Grab your binoculars, cameras and compasses we’re going on an expedition! This week campers will be embarking on a wildlife expedition to explore the creatures of the Canadian wilderness. Activities will include identifying prints, tracking species, and animal hikes. We’ll even create our own habitats for our feathered friends! Eyes open for this expedition – what animals can we spot?

Week 8: August 21 – 25  Olympics

Campers put on your game faces this week we are going for GOLD! Campers will participate in skill testing challenges during Olympic week alongside their teammates. We’ll all win as we play some wacky and zany versions of classic Olympic sports and of course, camper fave – GaGa Ball. Get ready for a week full of team spirit and teamwork! Alongside friends we’ll achieve a podium finish!

Week 9: August 28 – September 1  Winter Wonderland

It’s the last week of summer which means winter is nearly here! Discovery Camp will experience an artic blast this week as we celebrate the end of summer with some very COOL activities. We’ll craft our very own snowflakes and snowglobes and have some fun on the slopes in glacier games – anyone up for some luge?! Pack your parka we are in for some frosty fun!