Ski Snow Valley

How to Use a Chairlift

Here is a quick primer on how to use a chairlift. Of course, if you have any questions a Snow Valley lift attendant, Ski Patrol or Ski School member is more than happy to help you out on the snow any time!

How do I get on and off a chair lift?

The basic rules are simple:

  • Get on at designated areas only,
  • Read the rules for each lift carefully before riding the lift,
  • Remove pole straps from your wrists,
  • Hold the poles point down before entering the loading area,
  • Sit down properly and hold on to safety equipment,
  • Lower the safety bar, and
  • Listen to and obey the operators' instructions at all times.

On your way to the top:

  • Keep the tips of your skis or snowboard up,
  • Always keep long hair, hats and scarves secure to avoid entanglement,
  • Remain seated and don't bounce or swing on the chair lift, and
  • Never throw or drop anything from the lift.

When you've reached the top:

  • Get off at designated areas only,
  • Clear the unloading area immediately,
  • Listen to and obey the operators instructions at all times,
  • Report any problems or concerns to the lift operator right away.

Keep in mind that the operator is in charge of and responsible for the lift. That means the lift operator has full authority to remove anyone from the lift or tow who poses a safety risk to themselves or others.

A special note for parents: take an active role in making sure that the lift is appropriate for your child. Once you've made that decision, be sure your child is aware of what behaviour is acceptable for all chair lifts, carpet or rope tow lifts.