Covid Operational Plans

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Ski Snow Valley

Face Coverings

There are many areas of our operation where the choice of wearing a face covering or not is up to you. In certain places,Facecoverings _web face coverings are required. Don’t be the reason we don’t have a season!

Face coverings are required:
  • Indoor areas in lodges when not seated and eating or drinking at your table.

  • In lift lines, while waiting for, loading and unloading chair lifts or surface lifts

  • If you choose to ride a chairlift with someone not in your household group for the lift ride duration. No one will be required to ride the lift with a different household, but you will need to wear your face covering for the ride’s duration if you choose to do so.

  • Where people congregate outdoors, for example, ticket purchases at outdoor ticket windows, building entry, lesson meeting spots

  • In Snow School lessons and programs that are not a designated sports cohort group, within two meters of other participants or instructors.

  • In the retail and rental shops.

  • Children under 2 years of age are not required to wear a face covering. 

We are configuring our operations to allow for two meters or more of space between cohorts. We trust and expect that for our guests and employees’ safety, and to meet Ontario Ministry of Health and SMDHU guidelines, everyone will follow the requirement to wear their face coverings in the above instances. This will be noted by signage or at the request of our employees. Face coverings can be non-medical masks, ski masks, buffs, scarves, etc.