Covid Operational Plans

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Ski Snow Valley

Refund FAQ's

Why are you refunding my season pass and lesson program?

  • With the recent Provincial Government lock down and stay at home orders the lack of direction and information from the government Snow Valley has forced our hand and we feel it is in our best interest to offer 100% refunds for all season pass and lesson program participants.

How do I get my season pass refund?

Why am I getting charged an Administration Fee?

  • The $25 administration fee is applied to an individual purchase (usually made by one family).  The Administration Fee is not applied per pass on a family purchase.  While there is a non-refundable Administration Fee which covers administration, the pass and printing itself, and credit card fees charged to the resort, it was not applied to refunds before November 15th, 2020 under our ‘No Questions Asked Refund Policy’.

I would like to keep my season pass and use it when you re-open, can I do this?

  • No, all 2020-21 season passes are now in-valid and will not get you access to the slopes. You can place it with you other Covid 19 mementos!

When you get re-opened how can I access the slopes?

  • When we are given the green light to open, limited daily lift tickets will be available for you to purchase in our Cloud Store. You will need to prepurchase your tickets prior to arrival and provide contact tracing (additional requirements may be requested).

Will you be offering lesson programs when you open?

  • This will depend on when we are given the green light to open and what restrictions the government may impose.  If we feel there is an opportunity for shortened programs, and we can to do this safely we may offer limited lesson programs.

I was registered in a cancelled lesson program, will I be at the front of the line to get into any new program that may be offered?

  • No, if we are able to offer lesson programs of any type these will be available in our Cloud Store and will be sold on a first come first served basis until sold out.

Will you offer daily lessons?

  • Yes, if we are given the ability to offer daily lessons, such as Private Lessons and Discover Lessons, we will make these available online and in a limited capacity.