Ski Snow Valley

Ski & Snowboard Pass Policies

To ensure a Safe and Courteous experience, we will remove tickets or passes from any skiers or snowboarders judged to be behaving dangerously or obnoxiously.

Passes will be removed without warning for:

  • Jumping from any chairlift
  • Skiing or snowboarding while intoxicated
  • Behaviour that endangers the safety of others
  • Deliberate intent to cause harm or injury

For other behaviour that is judged to be offensive, obnoxious, or hazardous, warning will be given:

  • 1st warning - pass/ticket punched
  • 2nd warning - loss of ticket; loss of pass for 24 hours
  • 3rd warning - loss of pass for 7 days
  • 4th warning - loss of pass for season

Please Ski & Snowboard Safely and Courteously!

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