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Ski Snow Valley

Frequently Asked SnowTubing Questions

Can a group share ride packages?

Yes! All single ride packages can be shared amongst your group.

Do you have a family pass?

No, we do not offer a family pass however; families may share single ride tickets.

Do you have any special deals? How do online ticket purchases work?

Discounted tickets are available for purchase through our website  Click the “Online” link to be directed to the discounted ticket page. Tickets must be purchased before the arrival date.

How long does it take to do a ride?

Wait times vary depending on the volume of visitors in the park and weather conditions.  Typically, wait times may range from 10-30 minutes per ride, but it is best to check with staff before purchasing tickets.

How many people sit in a tube?

Everyone sits in an individual tube and may be joined together at the top of the hill in groups.  The number of individuals grouped together will vary based on a number of factors including (but not limited to) chute conditions, weather conditions and weight of participants.

Do kids under 42” still get to tube?

Absolutely! Guests under 42” may purchase a “Kidz Zone” ticket to tube on a small hill.

Can we use leftover tickets on a different day?

Single ride tickets must be used on the date of purchase.

Are helmets mandatory? Can we bring our own helmets?

Helmets are not mandatory to tube, but we recommend that all participants wear an approved snow sport helmets and guests are welcome to bring their own.

How do we get up the hill?

The tube park has two lifts that pull our guests up the hill while seated in the tube. Our attendants will load you onto the lift, detach you from the lift as well as assist you and/or your group in descending down the hill.

What is rafting? Do you have a group / family tube?

We do have rafts where you can go down the hill with your family or friends, up to 6 persons at a time.  Rafting is only available on Wednesday nights (conditions permitting) from 3pm to 9pm for $15+HST per person (unlimited runs).