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Ski Snow Valley


Appetizers are available as cold or hot items. Each tray is prepared for 16 to 20 people and is priced per tray.

Cold Items

Cheese Board
A combination of classic and celebrated cheese assembled with a variety of crackers and miniature toasts.

Vegetable Crudite
Seasonal selections of all the favourites and of course our delicious house dip.

Premium Cold Meats
A wide selection of sliced meat accompanied by fresh rolls, cheese, pickles and a variety of condiments.

Fresh Fruit Tray
A fresh selection of seasonal fruits beautifully displayed around a delicious yogurt dip.

Salsa & Chips
A wide selection of colourful tortilla chips displayed around our house salsa.

Pumpernickel Spinach Dip
A variety of fresh breads served with a fresh creamy spinach dip.

Cocktail Flatbread Spirals
Bite size colourful flatbreads in 4 delicious vegetable cream cheese flavours.

Cocktail Shrimp
Served on a bed of fresh lettuce with dipping sauce, our cocktail shrimp is a refreshing and cool addition to any hors d'oeuvres or late night buffet

Pacific Smoked Salmon
Displayed beautifully on a wooden breadboard, our pacific smoked salmon is served with crackers, cream cheese, lemon and capers.

Hot Items

Glazed Meatball
Bite size Swedish meatballs tossed in a delicious honey-garlic red wine sauce.

Breaded Mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms hand coated and deep-fried until crispy and golden, served with a sour cream dip.

Mini Quiche
A unique assortment of bite size quiche including cheddar cheese, spinach, Italian sausage with parmesan and broccoli and cheddar. Served piping hot.

Coconut Shrimp
Juicy Jumbo Shrimp rolled in a coconut batter and served hot with our very own Mandarin Thai dipping sauce.

Mini Egg Rolls
Enjoy a touch of the orient with these bite size egg rolls. Served hot with Plum dipping sauce.

A unique assortment of bite size tender satays including pork schnitzel, chicken soulvalki and marinated beef. Served piping hot.

Service Rates

All trays mentioned above are served buffet style.

If you wish to have them served cocktail style the serving fee is as follows:

  • 100 to 150 guests: $155
  • 151 to 200 guests: $195