Ski Snow Valley

School Daytime Arrival Checklist & Info

School Daytime Arrival Checklist & Info

You’ve Arrived – Welcome!

  • Bus arrival info. Please keep all students on the bus! A Snow Valley staff member will greet them and discuss safety protocol and go over the format of your day.
  • LIFT TICKETS are to be on all students before exiting the bus.
  • Please enter the chalet as a group using our SCHOOL & GROUP ENTRANCE DOOR
  • NON-RENTERS will leave their equipment outside and place their bags in our Picnic Room. They can get boots on here and then proceed to the Stripe Test on Hard Knox.
  • RENTERS will proceed to the Guest Service area with their belongings for instructions on the rental process.
  • Assign 1 or 2 teachers/volunteers to EQUIPMENT SIGN OUT desks to record your schools’ equipment rentals. Please leave your rental forms with our Snow Valley rental staff.
  • Assign teacher/volunteer helpers to the BOOT ROOM to assist students with getting their boots on and stashing their belongings in cubbies.
  • After students exit rentals Snow School staff will help direct them to LESSONS or the STRIPE TEST.
  • Teachers and on hill volunteers will read the Exclusion of Liability and sign for their ORANGE STRIPE at the Snow School Desk. This stripe will allow them on all lifts.
  • After your whole school has exited rentals you will need to SETTLE YOUR ACCOUNT. The coordinator for your school will go to the Snow School Desk with any unused/damaged tickets and the final tallies of students, teachers, ski rentals and snowboard rentals.
  • ENJOY your day!

Lesson Locations & Times

  • Beginner Skiers: Adventure Centre * 9:00am – 3:30pm
  • Beginner Snowboarders: Ride Centre * 9:00am – 3:30pm
  • Stripe Test: Hard Knox * 9:00am (for experienced skiers and riders only)
  • Blue Stripe Test: Top of Family Hill * 12:30pm to 1:15pm (for anyone who achieved a green stripe in the morning and would like to try for their blue stripe)
  • Intermediate Skiers and Snowboarders: Snow School Bell * 12:30pm and 1:30pm
  • Purple Stripe: Snow School Bell * 10:30am, 11:30am, 1:00pm (Terrain Park access must be granted by school, must have achieved Blue stripe at morning stripe test)

The End of Your Visit

  • All rentals are returned using the Rental EXIT/ENTRANCE door.
  • Assign 1 or 2 teachers/volunteers to assist students in the boot room and ensure they collect all their belongings.
  • Assign 1 or 2 teachers/volunteers to pick up your schools’ rental forms approximately 20 minutes prior to scheduled time off hill and sign out students on their way out of the boot room. When complete please leave the rental forms with our rental staff.
  • Select an area for students to wait until it is time to board the bus.

Info & Hints

  • Having students listen to and follow our safety protocols and guidelines given by our staff is of the utmost importance – we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable visit!
  • Ensure your students know the locations of our washrooms (lower level to the left of the Main Entrance and 2nd floor across Duffy’s Lounge) and any designated meeting spots you may have set for them.
  • Ensure your students know where they can find a representative from your school. We recommend having someone available inside, upstairs in the Main Chalet.
  • Boot rentals – the first number on the boot is the shoe size
  • Renters – keep their outside footwear and bags in their boot rental cubby
  • No hats are to be worn under rental helmets
  • No equipment is allowed in the chalet. If students are taking a break or are in for lunch they can leave their skis and poles or boards in the racks located around the chalet.
  • There are coin lockers available for valuables - $2 per entry
  • Our helpful Hill Rangers are out touring the hills if students require assistance or directions
  • If you require Ski Patrol they can be contacted by a Lift Attendant, our Boutique, Snow School Desk or Information Desk
  • Lunch areas - students are welcome to eat lunch in our Picnic Room on the lower level or in the Alpine Room or Family Lounge on the 2nd floor
  • Students wanting to switch activities during their school visit are not allowed to do so. The Informed Consent forms signed by the students’ parent or guardian are valid only for the activity selected.

Thank you for choosing Snow Valley!