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Pass Refund Policy

Season Pass Refund Policy

Snow Valley Resorts Season Pass Refund Policy is based on a pro-rated calendar that offers season pass holders a credit/refund option when appropriate documentation is provided.

  • A request for credit/refund must be sent to
  • All Season Passes are subject to a non-refundable administration fee of $25
  • Refunds or credits may be requested only for Personal Injury1, Personal Illness2 or Relocation.
  • Refunds/credits for medical reasons shall be supported by a doctor's certificate.
  • Refunds/credits for relocation shall be supported by a letter from an employer outlining details of the transfer of employment location.
  • Season Pass must be returned to Snow Valley prior to credit/refund being issued.
  • Credits will be set up as a "Snow Valley Resorts - Credit Account3"
  • Season Passes are non-transferable

Pro-rated credit/refund schedule for the 2023/2024 Ski & Snowboard Season.

Date Credit Refund
Prior to November 1, 2023 100% 75%
November 1, 2023-January 1, 2024 60% 40%
January 2, 2024-February 1, 2024 40% 10%
February 2, 2024-March 5, 2024 20% No Refund
After March 5, 2024 No Credit No Refund

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 The Fine Print

1Personal Injury - You are unable to use your Pass because you suffer an accidental bodily injury that occurs after you purchase your Pass, and that injury prevents you from using your Pass for thirty (30) or more consecutive days. This provision applies only if you provide verification from a Physician.

2Personal Illness - You are unable to use your Pass because you suffer from a physical illness or physical disease that: (i) is diagnosed by a Physician after you purchase your Pass or (ii) presents significant new or worsening symptoms that are diagnosed by a Physician after you purchase your Pass. To qualify, your illness or disease must prevent you from using your Pass for thirty (30) or more consecutive days.  A “Physician” is a licensed doctor practicing in the fields of medical, surgical, dental, or psychiatric services who is acting within the scope of their license and who is not you, a travelling companion, a Family Member, a person related to you or a business partner.

3Credit Account - All credits will be issued as a credit account towards a pass purchase for the 24/25 season only. The credit values are based on your original pass purchase price. Credit accounts have no cash surrender value.


Snow Valley Resorts reserves the right to make changes to operations and policies due to COVID-19 and/or its variants including but not limited to reducing operational hours; requiring all passholders to make a reservation prior to visiting; requiring masks and physical distancing; and reducing and/or restricting access to amenities and services.