Ski Snow Valley

Pass Refund Policy

Snow Valley Resorts Season Pass Refund Policy is based on a pro-rated calendar that offers season pass holders a credit/refund option when appropriate documentation is provided.

  • A request for credit/refund must be sent to
  • Refunds or credits may be requested only for serious injury, major medical condition or relocation.
  • Refunds/credits for medical reasons shall be supported by a doctor's certificate.
  • Refunds/credits for relocation shall be supported by a letter from an employer outlining details of the transfer of employment location.
  • Season Pass must be returned to Snow Valley prior to credit/refund being issued.
  • Credits will be set up as a "Snow Valley Resorts - Gift Card Account"

Below is the credit/refund schedule for the 2019/20 Ski & Snowboard Season.

Date Credit Refund
Until December 1, 2019 100% 70%
December 2, 2019-January 1, 2020 70% 40%
January 2, 2020-February 1, 2020 40% 10%
February 2, 2020-March 1, 2020 20% No Refund
March 2, 2020-End of the Season 10% No Refund


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